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The Buildings

From the North Gate (main entrance, 16), a drive leads to the main complex of buildings, which form a closed rectangle with an inner courtyard. This is surrounded by parkland containing further buildings and extending to the shore of the lake.

  1. The Asklepios Building; Concerts, plays, events, administation
  2. Academy; Library
  3. Craft and technology building; Museum
  4. Studio Building for Artists in Residence
  5. Youth Hostel
  6. Hotel for supporters and guests; Restaurant; Café
  7. Music Center; Music studio
  8. Connecting passageways
  9. Townhall
  10. Chapel
  11. Water tower
  12. Site office
  13. Residential buildings
  14. Workshops
  15. Sheds / Garages
  16. North gate; Main entrance

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