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All children are gifted - and almost all of them are prevented from developing their gifts.

Yehudi Menuhin (in “Unfinished Journey”)



In reality every child is in a certain sense a genius; and every genius in a certain sense a child.

Arthur Schopenhauer (in: "The World as Will and Representation")


Children are the most vulnerable citizens in any society and the greatest of our treasures.

Nelson Mandela (Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech, 1993)


We must become a learning global society; a society which searches globally for the best ideas, the best solutions.

Roman Herzog ("Berlin Address", 1997)

Former German Federal President Roman Herzog was the patron of Kids Globe until his death in 2017.

Welcome to Kids Globe!

The Kids Globe International Academy exists in order to discover and pursue new approaches to education with children, young people, and grown-ups.

The aim is to show by example how approaches to education which are especially adapted to the times in which we live can prove themselves in practice - and within an international context. Kids Globe wants to develop and implement new ways of learning by integrating theoretical and practical approaches.


The Grabowsee Estate


The physical context within which our ambitious goals will be pursued is the 34-hectare Grabowsee Estate, with its complement of some 30 buildings, part of the municipality of Oranienburg, a historic town which lies around 30 kilometres north of Berlin. Kids Globe is in the process of acquiring this extraordinary estate.


Grabowsee Estate

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