The Academy's 1st Year: 2020 / 21

Preparatory phase

The creation of the Academy begins in the first year with a preparatory phase. After 50 years of post-war life as a military hospital for the Russian Army, for the next 18 years the Grabowsee Estate lay unused, during which vandalism and theft took their toll on the buildings and their contents. The first priority is to make the buildings safe, to carry out a thorough tidying up of the land and the buildings, and to secure the boundary to prevent unauthorized access.

Making the buildings safe

As a core part of the preparatory phase we have to make safe the 14 listed buildings - by which is meant primarily making sure that the roofs are wind and watertight. A schedule for this work has been developed. Fortunately, the authority responsible for listed buildings does not require us to renovate the large buildings immediately; this work can be delayed until a later phase of the development.

Site planning office

We will begin by renovating four smaller buildings, two of which used to be living quarters for the nurses working at the hospital. Three of these buildings will be converted into accommodation for co-workers and guests. They are of various sizes: one single-family house, one two-family house, and one large enough to accommodate four families. The fourth building is a long, single-storey barack-type building, which we will turn into our site planning office. This is where all the construction work for the whole estate will be organised - in effect the focal point or hub for the entire project. Important aspects of the planning carried out here relate to energy production and use, and road planning, traffic management and vehicle use.

Educational / cultural work

As soon as the estate has been made totally safe for visitors we can begin our real work - the pedagogical work with children and young people - and found the Academy. During the first year the construction work will be our priority, but we will already begin inviting school classes for courses and workshops. To begin with, the classes will come from the Berlin/Brandenburg region and also from nearby Poland. We plan to restrict numbers initially to a maximum of 30 pupils.

The educational programme will not be presented to the children as a ready-made and finished product; they will be involved in developing it in real time in cooperative learning processes. From the very start we will work together with a variety of institutions from the educational/cultural sector.

We will begin by drafting a pedagogical/cultural outline scheme, an important part of which will be the rigorous documentation of all the activities we carry out and their practical results - what was done and how; what worked well or not so well - so that we have a basis for drawing objective conclusions about the new approaches to education which we want to open up and develop. We will use a variety of media for documentation purposes, in particular video.

The Grabowsee Estate is a place of great historical interest. The history workshop will commence at the very beginning of our work there.

Public presentations

We plan to make regular public presentations of our work in order to secure a place for Kids Globe in the minds of the public. We will both take our work out to the public and also invite members of the public and the media to visit and form their own impression of what we are doing. We will use print media, radio and TV to seek donations and to invite people to become supporters of the foundation.

Launching the Foundation

We see the launching of the Kids Globe Foundation as a process which will take place over the first two years. The land and buildings of the Estate will become part of the core assets of the Foundation.


The work of documenting the project will extend to all aspects and areas of our work. We are committed to maintaining a comprehensive and continuous record of what we do, using all relevant media: both written reports and still and video photographic records. We will record interviews with everyone involved. In fact, the documentation of the Grabowsee Estate began a long time ago as a means of recording the original state of the property. All changes will be recorded and archived using a variety of media - producing a wide range of material which we can use for our magazine, for our website, for other publications, and for our own archive.

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