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Prof. Ludwig Guettler


›Without music life would be a mistake‹

Friedrich Nietzsche

Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys,

I’m writing a few introductory words here for the Kids Globe International Academy - a great project coming out of Berlin and the German state of Brandenburg, which has set itself the goal of exploring new approaches to education and of testing and proving their viability in practice.

Music, with its particular demands on artistic sensitivity, dedication and commitment, has to be one of the main pillars carrying and sustaining this educational initiative.

Fortunately, there are many people in the global cultural community who can be approached, and who will vigorously support an initiative once they see that it is something real and genuine and worthwhile.

We live in a world in which things are often assessed according to their purely economic value, where everything is weighed and counted; a world in which music is often seen as of second-order importance - as merely ‘icing on the cake’, a non-essential luxury and thus, if necessary, dispensable... This is where Kids Globe comes in.

But those who have launched this initiative need people’s commitment, support and interest in order to be able to get their project and all it represents - in terms of courage, enterprise, imagination, enthusiasm and confidence in the future - out of the starting-blocks and into the nitty-gritty of establishing its presence in the world and developing its enormous potential.

The children, young people and grownups who are inspired by this visionary idea will pass on their enthusiasm and commitment to many others - to their friends and family, to those in their communities and workplaces and to succeeding generations - planting seeds of hope (there are, of course, no guarantees) for a future in which people are more considerate to each other, listen to each other and show more empathy - something that would benefit us all.

For the initiative group themselves my wish is that they will not be discouraged either by so-called ‘rational’ arguments or by opposition to their vision. However, the greatest enemy of an initiative is not the counter-argument - which can actually help one to grow and mature - but indifference. That’s why I wrote these few words of greeting - to help to break down the indifference a little.

Our success in achieving the now completed rebuilding of the Frauenkirche in Dresden shows what can be done. That example should inspire us all with courage and confidence, convince the doubters, motivate those who are hesitating, spur potential supporters into action and strengthen the minds and hearts of the initiative group. They deserve to be supported ... if not them, who else?

Ludwig Guettler

Trumpet Virtuoso. Since 1989 Chair of the Society for Promoting the Rebuilding of the Dresden Frauenkirche.

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