The History

The Grabowsee sanatorium for tuberculosis sufferers began life in 1896 as an experimental facility. The experiment was successful and it became known as the Red Cross Sanatorium for the Working Class. In 1920, ownership was transferred from the Red Cross to the State (Brandenburg) Employees’ Insurance Company (which undertook the building of a number of sanatoria in Brandenburg). The Grabowsee sanatorium was extensively modified and extended according to the plans and under the direction of the architect and state master-builder Arnold Beschoren. The resulting complex of buildings is essentially what one still sees at Grabowsee today.

Used as a military clinic from 1945 - 1991 by Soviet forces in (former East) Germany, the estate then stood abandoned for 20 years, during which time it became increasingly dilapidated. In recent years two commercial takeover plans both came to nothing.

Kids Globe took over responsibility for the estate in 2005, with the aim of transforming it - through sensitive planning and reconstruction - into an international academy for new approaches to education.

Grabowsee in the early 20th century

East Buildung, design, 1908 East Buildung, 1910 East Buildung, 1910 Bed pavillon, design, 1908 Bed pavillon, 1910 Hans Böhm Pavillon, design, 1908 Administration building, 1910 1915 postcard of Grabowsee Sanatorium Director`s villa, design, 1903
East Buildung, design, 1908

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